First Flowers

IMG_0557bMy friend Liz said “call me when the flowers open; I want to come over and see them!” Liz is a lover of beauty. She had spotted the first buds that appeared on my Passion Fruit plant, while visiting me one day—even before I had seen them. So the next morning I excitedly went out expecting to see that the buds had bloomed, only to be disappointed at finding that they hadn’t opened but just shriveled-up. The next day, same thing. And the day after that, same thing. This continued for about a week. I had purchased the Passion Fruit vine (Passiflora Edulis) in October of last year and first placed it in an area that didn’t get enough sun. A month and a half later, when I noticed how much it was suffering from lack of light (and water), I transplanted it into a larger, self-watering container and placed it in a prime sunny spot on my back patio. Since then, I’ve diligently cared for the plant and it has responded by growing into a large mass of entwined vines and green leaves. It’s a variety which should produce tasty fruit in addition to beautiful flowers. But before it can give fruit, it MUST flower. So I went to Fairchild Tropical Garden—there was a Flowering Plant Show going on–to ask the “plant enthusiasts” their opinion as to why my Passion Fruit buds were shriveling-up without opening. I received a variety of different ideas. When I got home, I started puttering around my yard, trimming plants and watering. I walked over to the Passion Fruit to water it and WOW, THERE WERE SEVERAL EXQUISITE FLOWERS IN FULL BLOOM ON IT! Nothing was wrong with the plant…it just needed a little more time. These flowers are for you Liz.

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