Give Fruit: Make People Happy

IMG_0777 (2) papaya carambolaToday was the day that Jorge, the gardener, and his assistant came to do yard care. They maintain most of the yards on my street on a bi-weekly basis. It was a hot, humid day, as usual. Even though they have a cooler full of water in their truck that they go to, to satiate their thirst; occasionally I make a pitcher of fruit smoothie and leave it on my back patio for them. When I’ve been around to see them drink it, I’ve noticed that they don’t guzzle it down fast, standing up. Rather, they serve themselves a large plastic cup from the pitcher and go sit in the shade to savor the refreshing drink. It kind of reminds me of my macaw. When I give him something to eat he particularly likes, he doesn’t devour it on the spot. Instead he carries it to the highest perch in his cage and there he’ll proceed to eat. I think he can better watch his surroundings from the high perch and make sure no one takes away his prize.

The fruit concoction I made today was a Papaya/Carambola Smoothie. The Papaya, I picked from my tree in the morning, and the Carambola (Star Fruit) I had picked a few months ago and frozen. It so happened that Ryan, the plumber, was in my house this morning doing some work in my kitchen during the smoothie ritual. So he received the first cup before I took the rest of the pitcher out to the gardeners. Ryan had never tried papaya before and was surprised by how sweet and tasty it was. I didn’t watch the gardeners, but I suspect they found a cool place to sit and relax while sipping their libation. And they probably had smiles on their faces.

RECIPE: Slice the papaya length-wise, scoop out the seeds and discard them. Slice the Carambola and discard the seeds. I put equal parts of the Papaya & Carambola in the blender and add enough ice & water to get a thick, creamy consistency when it is blended.

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4 thoughts on “Give Fruit: Make People Happy

  1. […] There are three papayas left on the tree from the latest crop: one ripe & ready to be picked, and two still growing. This tree was already in my yard when I moved here. It’s quite tall so it’s a little difficult to pick the fruit. I’ve planted a couple more trees. One of them I started from seeds from a tree in my old place. It is just starting to grow little fruits.  The other is only a seedling, started from seeds I got at the Fairchild Tropical Garden. Papaya is very easy to propagate. All you need to do is plant the seeds that come from the middle of the fruit. For more information about papaya, a picture of a cut fruit and a recipe click on  Papaya/Soursop Smoothie or Shake or click on my easy Papaya/Carambola Smoothie Papaya/Carambola Smoothie […]


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