Plane Crashes due to Excess Baggage

IMG_0838b (2)Kidding! My sister asked me to bring mangos from Miami to her house in Maryland when I came up for her son’s high school graduation. Philip (the graduate) likes mango smoothies. So I packed 20 pounds of the delectable goodness into my suitcase. I don’t mess around.

Mango Smoothie Recipe: refrigerate ripe mangos. Slice and peel cold mango. Fill blender ¾ full with the fresh (or frozen) mango. Add enough water/ice to obtain desired consistency of creamy smoothie. If you prefer a shake, add milk and/or vanilla ice-cream instead of water. It can be dairy, soy or nut milk, whatever you prefer. I don’t usually add anything else because I love mango and have plenty of them…but you can certainly substitute part of the mango for other fruit like banana.

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