Easy Herbs

IMG_0868a herbs“I want to grow something edible; will you help me?” my sister asked. “Sure, let’s plant some herbs. That is the easiest thing to start with. Which do you like to eat?” I said.  After discussing the different herbs, we settled on Sweet Basil, Parsley and Oregano; and off we went to buy some little plants at the local garden supply. We got back to her house with her new herbs and found the ideal spot to plant them: the corner ledge of her terraced yard. Here they will be out of the way of the lawn mower and next to some begonias she waters regularly. And in the raised bed, the herbs will be easy to harvest when they are ready. Since the herbs were grown in peat planters, all we had to do was dig holes in the ground sufficiently deep to accommodate the little planters, cut off the wrapping on the top of the containers, plop the planters in the holes, then pat the soil around them and cover with mulch. It rained that night, so the plants where thoroughly drenched. The next morning the herbs looked like they had already grown a little bit!

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6 thoughts on “Easy Herbs

  1. When I saw you mention sweet basil, I wanted to share something with you.  I don’t know if you have mosquitoes where you live, or if they bother you, but they try to eat me alive if I go outside in the evenings where we live.  Sweet basil leaves can stop the stinging/itching of a bite and even make it virtually disappear.  I share this with everyone I can because it has been such a blessing to me.  I wrote this blog post about how to use it to relieve mosquito bites.  It might work for other bug bites, too, but I haven’t tried it.

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  2. The rabbits in my backyard found the herbs, so I rushed and put up a poultry fence. My husband painted it green to make it look for natural. Now if a rabbit happens to jump over the fence and get stuck in there, well, then the little fellow can go ahead and have a feast. For now, these herbs are still intent on making it to my kitchen one day! (I’ll email Bea some pictures to post)

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  3. I’m the sister. Today I’m going to buy a small length of chicken wire to tent over my new plants. Unbelievably, they already grew again last night and I need to protect them from the family of cotton tails that lives under a bush nearby!

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