Flower Stalking

IMG_0782 (2) ms pitayaWhat do I do when I finish writing a post, at 1:00 in the morning, and realize I don’t have a picture to post with it? But a neighbor has the plant in question in his yard… I put my shoes on and head down the street with my cell phone illuminating the way, over to Steve’s yard…and stealthily take a picture of a flower he has, that I covet. I first posted a close-up picture of this flower on 5/28 and asked readers to guess What Am I?”  I did get some great responses: a closed passion fruit flower; a peeled banana; wax beans; Ylang Ylang; Buddha’s Hand; and the most-interesting reply: Davy Jones’ Beard! If you’ve seen Jones’ beard on Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s hard to disagree with the resemblance. Buddha’s Hand!? I thought this was a yogic term; I didn’t even know that Buddha’s Hand was a plant until I googled it. It does have some similarities to the picture in question. The winner of the “What Am I?” challenge is (drumroll) …… Gwennie, from gwenniesgarden.wordpress.com. She identified the plant as a huge cactus flower (was or will be)”. It is, to be more specific, (second drum roll) .…. a dead Pitaya Cactus flower (Dragon Fruit).

By the way, while I was secretly snapping pictures at 1 AM in front of Steve’s house, I didn’t run into Steve in his yard pollinating. Those of you who read my post on 6/4 “My Neighbor’s Dragon Fruit will understand what I am talking about. Luckily I made it back home without getting busted for stalking his Pitaya flowers.


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