Pool Invaders

pool sweepIn my post Leaf Invasion I talked about my battle with the large mango leaves that invaded my swimming pool and incapacitated the automatic pool sweep. This is Part 2 of the leaf conflict. I started by consulted with various experts for a resolution. They gave me a number of “solutions”:  cut down the mango trees that surround the pool (pool maintenance guy); put a retractable cover over the pool (pool supply store); install an additional pump to run a new super-duper pool vacuum (2nd pool supply store); get accustomed to netting the leaves twice-a-day, it isn’t so bad, it’s meditative (former owner of house & pool); take out the pool (my mom, who hates pools).

I wasn’t real happy with any of these choices. The mango trees are sacred; the trees stay. I enjoy using the pool and looking at it; the pool stays and the cover is not a good option. I don’t want a second pool pump. Fishing the leaves out of the pool numerous times a day and cleaning out the clogged-up vacuum has not been a Zen experience for me, like it was for the prior owner. What to do…

I talked with my good friend Gloria. She’s a practical person, who doesn’t get bogged-down with house chores. She said “talk to Jorge, he has a pool surrounded by trees and he always researches things a lot. He probably has a machine that takes care of the leaves.” So I called Jorge. Sure enough, Jorge recommended a different kind of automatic pool sweep than the one I had. It has a larger intake hole, so it can slurp-up larger objects, and it has a bag attached to it to hold the debris, rather than sucking the offending leaves through the hose to the filter. The guy at the pool supply store told me I would need an additional pump to power the gizmo, but the model I purchased (not from said store) doesn’t require a booster pump. Yay!

It is now Day 2 of the Polaris 360’s (my new machine) combat with the leaves. I am happy to report that the machine is winning. It has sucked-up the aggressive leaves and is still fighting. My neighbors on the right side, with the security cameras pointed at me, are bored because they haven’t been able to spy on me doing battle with the leaves like I used to. They’re probably wondering why I’m standing over my pool taking pictures of my pool sweep though!

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