Plants Love Rainwater

rain barrelsRainwater is non-chlorinated and PH neutral. Plants love it and it’s free! I attended an informative workshop given by Barbara McAdam, University of Florida/Miami-Dade County Extension, on how to construct & install a rain barrel in your yard to collect the rainwater for use in your garden. You can connect a rain barrel to a gutter downspout so it fills directly from the downspout or you can put one in the open so the rain just fills it directly. In this case, you would cover the top with screening so debris doesn’t fall into it and mosquitos can’t get in. They had food-grade 50-gallon barrels for sale at the workshop for attendees who wanted to purchase one (including an installed spigot) at a nominal price. Yes, I bought one…and so did most of the other people in the workshop!

For more information on how to set-up a rain barrel or for a schedule of workshops go to If you’re in the Miami area, the next free workshop is this Saturday 6/20, 10-12 PM, at West Kendall Library. Rain Barrels can also be purchased online from many sources, including Home Depot.

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4 thoughts on “Plants Love Rainwater

  1. I love your comments. The one about the rainwater was an eye opener. I already put a container in the patio behind my townhouse to collect rainwater. I only have a few plants – so it should be sufficient!

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