Bilingual Squirrels

IMG_1050 (2)The squirrels in my yard understand English and Spanish. How do I know this? Because whenever I say “tomorrow” or “mañana” they throw a party. Let me explain… yesterday just after I finished showering to go to dinner, I happened to look out the window and I spotted a mango that was starting to show a touch of yellow and turn an iridescent color. This is a sign that it is beginning to ripen and should be picked off the tree. I went outside but the mango was too high on the tree. I would have needed to get a ladder and my long fruit-picking pole. I really didn’t want to get dirty and I didn’t have time, so I said “tomorrow”. The squirrels heard me. I went to dinner. They threw a party, unbeknownst to me.

The next morning I get up bright and early, take the ladder & pole out of the garage, and head over to the tree. The mango is still where I last saw it but it is now half eaten. There are other mangos hanging in the trees and on the ground in various stages of “eaten”. This, my friends, is evidence of a wild squirrel fiesta. The last time this happened was when they overheard me talking with the gardener in Spanish and I said the M word: “mañana”.  Don’t ever say “tomorrow” or “mañana” in front of the squirrels in my yard!

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5 thoughts on “Bilingual Squirrels

  1. Get a BIG cat to patrol your yard. It’ll take care of a lot of your plant and fruit eating critters. Alas, your parrot might not be too happy about it. So what’ll it be — yard patroller or happy parrot?!!

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