Peanut Butter Shake Time

IMG_1138 (3)This is one of my favorite concoctions. It has enough vitamins, carbohydrates and protein to replace a meal or snack.


2 cups milk (soy, nut or dairy)
3 ripe bananas (the riper, the sweeter the shake will be)
4 to 8 oz. strawberries or sweet cherries (pitted)
3 to 4 oz. peanut butter (natural, non-hydrogenated*)


For a thick shake, freeze the bananas and/or fruit before using. You can also use shelled peanuts instead of peanut butter, of course. If you use frozen fruit or shelled peanuts, make sure your blender is powerful enough to pulverize them. I use a Vitamix which is a very strong machine. Blend all the ingredients and enjoy! Makes approximately 3 glasses.

* Non-hydrogenated natural peanut butter will separate at room temperature; the natural oil from the peanuts will rise to the top. All you need to do is mix it up and refrigerate. It will solidify in the fridge and you won’t need to mix it again. If you care about your health, don’t buy food that is hydrogenated. Hydrogenated oil is implicated in circulatory diseases, including heart disease. For more info on this: FDA info on Trans Fats/Hydrogenation


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