Toy Story

IMG_1205 (2)Isn’t it funny how the playthings you had as a child end up in your life later on…in some sort of iteration? One of my favorites of yesteryear was a little red wagon. I used to pull it around the house and outside, with my other preferred toys in it: a stuffed animal and a book or two. One of my stuffed animals was Big Bird. Remember him: the big talking yellow bird from Sesame Street? I would entertain myself for hours with those three things…making up tales about the stuffed animal and touring it around the block, and reading stories in the books that would transport me well beyond the neighborhood.

Now I have a little gardening cart that I pull around the yard, full of my gardening toys, I mean tools! I spend hours outside with that plastic barrow accompanying me on my planting & maintenance rounds. I enjoy the chatter of the wild birds in the yard and of the green Macaw that lives in my house: Marco. He’s a good parrot and he loves when I play with him and talk to him. Books? I have many and am always buying more. They still transport me to other worlds.

This story is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.” Do you have any new versions of old toys from your childhood?


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14 thoughts on “Toy Story

  1. My husband turned his love of little red wagons into a Harley, convertible Corvette, and a Porsche (big boy toys). I, however, took my pull-along wagon that I bought for my kids when they were small and turned it into a gardening wagon. LOL!!

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  2. This is a wonderful post! Brief and beautifully written. As I look around, I can’t think of anything I have the adult version of. I read the comment above mines and I remembered that I had attempted to write song lyrics and great lines that belonged in a book, and now I’m an unprofessional writer and I wrote lyrics to accompany my novel.

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  3. You reminded me of the Oscar radio I had as a child. I loved Oscar – not sure if that means I’m a grouch or that I want unlimited storage space.

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