Lizards Welcome

IMG_1212 (2)This guy, hanging out on one of my palm trees, is welcome in my yard. Lizards eat insects primarily and we have plenty of those in South Florida, especially mosquitos in the summer. So any help in ridding my garden of blood-sucking mosquitos is appreciated. If Mr./Ms. Lizard would like a present, like a bouquet of flowers perhaps, I would give him one. But what he really wants is for me to get the camera phone out of his face so he can get back to the business of mosquito-hunting; so I happily oblige.

He’s a Knight Anole (Anolis Equestris), which were introduced from Cuba. These lizards also eat other lizards (sad) and even small birds (sadder). I do think there are enough mosquitos & other insects here to keep him happy though, so he won’t need to resort to cannibalism or bird homicide.

I have other types of lizards in my yard and think most of them are cute, like this one. Yay lizards!
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