See Green

IMG_1303 (2)My kitchen is on the side of the house that faces the NeighborWithCameras. Several of their security cameras point right at my yard. I’ve talked about these folks before. I believe they amuse themselves at night, with a glass of wine, playing back their security video of me doing the crazy things I do in my garden: like chasing lizards and butterflies around with my camera phone; battling the leaves that are constantly invading the pool; climbing the ladder, long pole in hand, to cut fruit from the trees; meticulously pruning and primping the plants. My NeighborWithCameras don’t have any fruit trees or edibles in their yard so they don’t understand my mania.

I’ve been nurturing the Clusia hedge –which separates our yards- watering it regularly and fertilizing it. I might take better care of it than my fruit trees, actually. Looking out of my kitchen window, I can still see a little of the second story of the neighbor’s house and 2 or 3 of their cameras. In a few more months the Clusia will have reached sufficient height to cover the sight of their house completely. Yay! It’s not that I mind my NeighborWithCameras spying on me, it’s that I prefer to look at GREEN than at their house. Sorry, they’ll have to watch TV rather than me!

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6 thoughts on “See Green

  1. There are lots of video cameras in the town near I live in which creeps me out. Can’t imagine if my neighbors chose to point one in my yard.

    Your writing style is so enjoyable. Feels like I am standing there in your yard imploring your hedge to GROW FAST AND THICK AND LUSH AND TALL.

    My best to you.

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