Naughty or Nice (part 1)

IMG_0585 (2)Most people compose their Naughty or Nice List before the winter holidays to determine who is going to get presents. I make my list in the summer to decide who will get precious mangos from my trees. I have other fruit, but mango is the king of tropical fruits. People who like mangos, love them. The general ranking criteria follows: for the people who rave about the taste of my mangos or any other of my edibles, they get on the NICE side, which means they will get more. Other good deeds that are unrelated to fruit can also get you on the Nice side. For the people who were unenthusiastic when I gave them the fruits of my labor, whatever those fruits may be, they get on the NAUGHTY side and – you guessed it – they either get no more fruit, are seriously rationed or they get the bruised stuff. Of course, there are other bad deeds that can get you on the Naughty side.

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8 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice (part 1)

  1. I forgot to say — John and I fully expect to stay on the NICE list. If it gets us more mangos, we’ll share the recipe we used from a bakery in Maryland to make mango cake. It was AWESOME!!!

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  2. EVERYONE knows mango is king!!! Look at all the fun the locals had at your 33rd annual King Mango Strut Parade in Coconut Grove last December: And now the locals are gearing up for Fairchild Tropical Garden’s International Mango Festival on July 11th: These people are SERIOUS about mangos — they bid on mango trees, perform all kinds of mango cooking demonstrations, even write their names on their mangos! Wish I were there …

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  3. Beautiful picture. Sure wish I were close enough to make a bid for your nice side! I enjoy your blogs. They are so far removed from my experience; I’m basically ignorant of the gardening in your part of the country; I enjoy learning a “new thing” when presented by a person of your talents.

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