IMG_1149 (2)Oh no! This yellow guy jumped out of the Spathiphyllum as I was watering! It’s a bright and kind of cool-looking insect, although I was scared of them when I was a little girl. Unfortunately grasshoppers are big plant eaters and can annihilate a garden, especially if they start reproducing in your yard. As you can see in the picture, this one is eating the leaves of the Spathiphyllum, which is one of the decorative plants in a shady area of my yard.

Grasshoppers are a food source for reptiles, insects, small mammals and birds. They are also eaten by humans in Asia and Africa. I’ve seen fried grasshopper for sale in Vietnam. No, I haven’t tried one; I’d rather eat plants, too. Perhaps one of the birds or large lizards in my yard will go for raw grasshopper. Just in case they don’t get it before it goes into reproduction mode or moves over to one of my edible plants, I called the grasshopper police (i.e. my feet) to stomp it out!

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