Basil Propagation

Basil cutting
Basil cutting
Cutting on water
Cutting in water

Starting a new basil plant is easy. Just clip a piece off an existing plant and put it in water. The cutting should be similar in size to the clipping in the picture. Wait for the herb to grow roots and then transplant it into a planter with potting soil or into the ground.

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7 thoughts on “Basil Propagation

  1. Thank you. I think I will give growing basil another go. Being in a cold country mine is kept on the window sill. Does it need lots of sunlight? Should it be watered everyday. I had a plant that I was trying to look after, the children and I went away for a couple weeks when we returned my plants had died. My husband forgot to water them until the day before we returned by then alas it was too late.

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  2. I so enjoy your blogs!

    We just moved into a new place and went to 2 garden centers yesterday loading up on herbs, ferns and different flowering plants, not all which I can name, but there are some begonias, marigolds, geraniums, impatiens, lavender.

    We’ll be getting more plants at the local puerto banus market on Saturday.

    We have lots of window sills to fill with blooms in addition to a front terrace and back terrace and pots hanging on walls inside and out.

    Most of the plants that the owner has in the ground in the front terrace I don’t know either. Have to spray for aphids today on the bay leave plant and another one that I don’t know. The belladonna is delicious to smell at night.
    The jazmine wakes up in February. Bougainvilleas are in their splendor.

    Everywhere, so many flowers here and colorful vines–a visual assault. Then walking Brewster at night just wakes up the nose. Orange and lemon trees grow on pots, just incredible.

    Leon has the herbs potted in the kitchen windows and will probably plant some in the ground in front terrace.

    Any tips with cilantro? Always seems to go to seed immediately. Parsley also seems to take it’s time getting established.

    We’ll be in the states now in December since that’s when Briana plans to return. Don’t have dates yet.

    Big hugs xxxooo

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    • Great to hear from you! Cilantro needs full sun, usually. It goes through its life cycle quickly. I think you are supposed to let it flower and go to seed so new stems come up. I don’t have a lot of experience with it, though. Give it a try and let me know….


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