Magnolia Beetle

IMG_0853 (2)Magnolias were among the earliest flowering plants, which evolved millions of years ago, before there were any bees, butterflies and moths. Beetles were among the first insects to pollinate flowers and they remain the most important pollinators of magnolias today. According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, beetles are responsible for pollinating 88% of the 240,000 flowering plants globally. Can you spot the beetle on the outer edge of one of the petals on the left side of this magnolia? I didn’t even notice it was there when I took the picture.

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4 thoughts on “Magnolia Beetle

  1. Oh the joy of magnolias! I have saved several pods full of seeds and brought them west with me from the deep south. While I have no illusions they will grow in this high desert environment. I just couldn’t leave the south without a piece of magnolia.

    Nice photo. Isn’t it a hoot how we can take photos and only after seeing the photo see what was actually captured in our lens.

    All my best.

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  2. Interesting. I also notice sometimes that when I look at a photo later it can amaze me because I didn’t see something with my eyes, but the camera did. Love photography!

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