Ride or Write?

IMG_1286 (2)I get up and put my cycling clothes on. Feed the parrot. Drink a smoothie. I’m ready to jump on the bike for my 25-mile morning ride. Glancing out the glass-doors of my house, I notice that one of my plants needs water and there are some dead leaves that need to be picked up. So I head outside with the intention of doing those couple of things. While tending to my green friends, I see a couple of butterflies on the passion fruit vine. I get my camera phone and start chasing them around for a good picture. Oh, there are a few berries on the mulberry plant; let me pick them. Maybe I should take a picture of the berries too. I wave to the security cameras, belonging to my NeighborWithCameras, which are on the side of my house that the mulberry is. Then I get an idea for a story to write. While doing a few more gardening chores, the story begins to flesh- out in my head. Oh no! What to do?! Do I go on the bike ride, as planned, or sit down and write the story? If I write the story, I probably won’t have time to cycle before work. If I bike, I probably won’t remember the story when I have time to write it later, or the initial inspiration will be gone. Ride or write…

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7 thoughts on “Ride or Write?

  1. You could always keep a notebook nearby, and jot the idea for the story down. That way it’s still there and you won’t lose it and you can still go for your bike ride. 🙂 And given those two choices, I would be leaning towards the writing….were it me.

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  2. Write. Definitely. The downsides of each choice are very different, don’t you think, Beatriz?

    I am so beguiled by your writing, photography, sense of commitment and these plant friends living with you! Love your work. What knowledge you have and are passing along. Your childhood memories and your introductions to family members are charming. Marcia

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