Mango Worship

mango cultivars
mango cultivars

The 23rd Annual International Mango Festival started this Saturday at Fairchild Tropical Garden. This is a pilgrimage site for mango worshippers. You can find all things mango here, including what is probably the largest display of mango cultivars from all over the world. It is truly impressive. There are also cooking and baking classes; mango-related cuisine & products; mango tastings; mango trees for sale; lectures and workshops. I attended lectures by Horticulturalists Dr. Richard Campbell, Dr. Noris Ledesma and Jeff Wasielewski. I also purchased a new Fruit Picker and a small mango tree (Rosigold variety) for a friend. If you’re in South Florida, come on over on Sunday if you can. If you’re not, please eat a mango in unity with those of us who are celebrating the delectable king of tropical fruits this weekend.

Noris lecturing
Dr. Noris Ledesma lecturing
Jeff lecturing
Jeff Wasielewski lecturing
line for mango tasting
line for mango tasting
tasting/rating mango varieties
tasting/rating mango varieties
tasting/rating mango varieties
tasting/rating mango varieties

9 thoughts on “Mango Worship

  1. I never thought I would feel I HAVE TO send you another mango post, except this one might be important for you to know about. Some July you just might be able to attend this at Fairchild Gardens in Miami. It is where I used to walk with one particular friend and also where I took some botanical watercolor classes in the past. I must get you there next year! Marcia

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    • Fairchild Tropical Garden is my home away from home. I love that place. Heading over there in a little while to attend the mango auction and other events… Perhaps I’ll post more tonight about it….


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