Mango Auction

Preview before bidding
Preview before bidding

Mango, the king of tropical fruits, was in full glory again today on the second day of the 23rd Annual International Mango Festival, at Fairchild Tropical Garden. One of the highlights of the event was the MANGO AUCTION, the world’s only such auction. Each variety of the tasty fruit was sold a few to a plate: from 4 to 8, depending on the size. While I was there, the highest price went for a plate of “Bombay” mangos from Jamaica. The winning bidder got it for $275, along with a clapping ovation! I spoke to him a while later, while we were both outside perusing a cooking gadget, and he told me he was very excited with his purchase. All proceeds are to support the work of Fairchild Tropical Garden.

According to the mango experts at Fairchild, the Bombay mango most likely originated from seeds brought to Jamaica from India. The fruit is similar in shape, taste and habit to the “Paheri” of India and “Pirie” or “Pairi” recognized in other Caribbean & mango-producing areas. The flavor is rich and spicy, reminiscent of the finest Indian dessert types. The trees bear only a few fruit each year due to their susceptibility to diseases. In local Caribbean markets they can fetch high prices since they are scarce. Congratulations to winning Bidder #14!

7 thoughts on “Mango Auction

  1. I saw lots of mangoes in the store yesterday. Made me think of you. Wish you had been here to help me make a choice. I was not confident of getting a good one and I didn’t want to spoil my mental delight of the ones you grow! Now that is how to miss a good thing! But it’s the truth. With my weight problem, I wish I could be satisfied with all food in a virtual reality fashion. Did I use that word right?

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  2. So many mangoes! Looks like heaven. In India the favorite mango is generally the Alphonso (or “haapoose”) mango. They’re usually yellow and shaped a bit like a paisley. (In fact, in Marathi we call the paisley design “amba”, which means mango!) They’re super delicious and they finally started importing them to the U.S. but they tend to be a bit small and fairly expensive. Still very yummy though so if you get a chance you should try one!

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