Top 10 Signs a Girl Gardens

01ee35cfbffc (2)1) She is VERY tanned, kind of like that rotisserie chicken you saw at the grocery store or those dark sheets of leather hanging at the Italian furniture store.

2) She looks great in a sleeveless top; her arms are toned & tanned. Then you get closer (or put your glasses on) and you see numerous swollen bug bites on those chiseled limbs.

3) She has various cuts, scrapes and scabs, primarily on her legs and arms. What’s that—a cut across her back? How did that get there? Could it have been when she crawled under the bougainvillea to pull some weeds?

4) She doesn’t have beautiful finger nails, and that’s putting it nicely. She knows she should wear gardening gloves but sometimes she forgets.

5) She has weird stains on her clothes. She should only do gardening in “gardening clothes” but sometimes she forgets and goes outside in her “nice” clothes to do some chores. Invariably plant sap drips on her attire and it just doesn’t come out in the wash very easily.

6) She says she is going to quickly step outside to pick a fruit off a tree. Three hours later she is still outside doing something else that caught her attention.

7) She doesn’t usually hear the front doorbell, but that’s okay because her friends know to go around to the backyard.

8) Her shoes have a strange gooey substance stuck in the ridges of the soles (from the snails she crushed when she saw them munching on her plants).

9) Her car trunk always has at least a little bit of dirt and leaves in it, from the latest plant acquisitions.

10) She smells strange. It’s a combination of sunscreen, sweat, dirt and insect repellant…and the insect spray clearly works better at keeping people away than bugs. But give her a break; she cleans up nicely and smells good once the grime is washed off!

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