Magazine Invasion

018a7a89185I love gardening magazines. I look through them and want to buy just about every edible plant I see… How could I not want to have all these great fruits and herbs and vegetables growing in my yard?! What a utopia it would be. I have a small problem though, I don’t have the room to grow them all or the time to care for them. Also, the amount of magazines is a little overwhelming. It seems like I go to sleep and when I wake up there are even more publications scattered about…on my bed stand, on the living room table, on the kitchen counter, on the table by the front door, piled in the corner of the dining room… Since I have ordered plants from various publications, the publishers know I am a sucker for a pretty picture of a fruit tree and add me to new magazine lists. But really, I don’t recall all these glossy rags arriving in the mail. Where are they all coming from?! Are they reproducing? Help they’re taking over! HEEELLLPPP!!!

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