Jonathan’s Shake

4 (2)We were at ROBERT IS HERE fruit stand, in Homestead, waiting in line to order one of their famous fresh fruit shakes. There was a menu on the wall, listing all kinds of fruits that were available for shakes & smoothies. When it was our turn Jonathan said, “I’ll have a Guanábana Mamey shake.” I had never tasted either of those fruits so I asked him about them. “Never tried them,” he said, “I liked the sound of the names.”  “Seriously?! You ordered a shake made with fruits you’ve never even heard of!” I replied. He couldn’t even pronounce Guanábana. He called it guana-banana. I was impressed with his order, none-the-less. The cold concoction arrived and I sampled it. And then proceeded to drink half of it before Jon took it away from me. I will say that it was the best tasting milkshake I had ever had. If I would have died after drinking it, it would have been with a very satisfied smile on my face. That must have been about 10 years ago. Since then I have turned countless people onto Jonathan’s Shake.

RECIPE Ingredients:
16 oz. mamey
14 oz. guanábana (soursop)
8 oz. ice cream OR milk (whatever kind you like: soy, nut or diary)

Instructions: You can use fresh or frozen fruit. For the shake to have a thick consistency, some of the ingredients need to be frozen to start with–either the fruit, milk or ice cream. If you prefer a smoothie, just substitute the ice cream/milk with ice and water. Don’t worry about exact measurements. You can use equal parts of each of the fruits or slightly more of the mamey. Put everything in a strong blender and blend. This makes 2 tall glasses of fruit bliss.

For more soursop (guanábana) info, picture and recipe: Papaya/Soursop Smoothie or Shake
For more mamey info and pictures go to Fruit Stand Loot

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