Frogs can Stay

IMG_1290 (2)Frogs are welcome in my yard because they eat insects, including the blood-sucking mosquitos that are so prevalent in summertime here. They are carnivores. Small to medium sized frogs and toads, like this one, will also eat flies, moths and dragonflies. Larger frogs will eat larger insects like grasshoppers & worms; and some will also eat small snakes, mice and baby turtles. Can anyone identify this green guy?


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6 thoughts on “Frogs can Stay

  1. Hi Bea,I’m definitely not a frog expert, but I think it is either hyla versicolor or hyla chrysoscelis, difficult to distinguish since they are highly variable, specially in their coloration (they camouflage to take the color or their surroundings). If my guess is correct, they are quite common in the eastern US, but not down here in Florida. I have seen them in the Smokey Mountain National Park. Wow!, she (he?) is cute, I’m jealous. Jorge L.

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