Hilton’s Guava

IMG_4513 (2)The guava is a small evergreen tree. This is my friend Hilton’s tree (Ruby variety), which he only planted a few months ago and it is already bearing fruit. The guava fruit is pink or reddish inside. It is superb eaten fresh and is generally consumed with the seeds. The seeds are strained when the fruit is used as an ingredient in pastes, pies, pastries and ice cream. I have fond memories of eating guava paste as a child since my father had a food company that made it, along with other tropical fruit products. Guava paste is generally eaten with crackers. In Miami, “pastelitos de guayaba” (guava pastries) are very popular in Cuban restaurants, cafés and pastry shops. The pastries contain a filling made with guava by itself or guava and cheese.

That’s Hilton’s shadow in the right corner of the picture. Hi Hilton! When he sent me the picture from his phone he had no idea I would use it on my blog. I bet he’ll be more careful with the next pictures he sends me!

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