Should I Convert?

IMG_2133 (3)Zucchini is battling traditional wheat pasta in a NOODLE HOLY WAR. Have you noticed that everywhere you look someone is talking about “spiraling” zucchini to make a pasta dish? I went online to look up recipes and discovered zucchini noodles even have a name: zoodles! And noodles made out of squash are… squoodles! Is it me or does this seem a little undignified?!  I’m old school. I like the romance of sitting down to an Italian dinner, with an Italian wine, a hot heaping helping of pasta with pesto or primavera or pomodoro sauce… the waiter coming over with a chunk of parmesan to dice over the dish and the big pepper grinder under his arm… Now rewind this scenario and when the waiter comes over you order a plate of zoodles & squoodles. Seriously?!

And then this “spiralizer” thing? Does it cut the noodles like curly fries? I’m not sure I want curly noodles. There’s an entire business built around this… all kinds of spiralizers on sale now. When did this start happening? Where was I? Do we really need to spiralize noodles? When you go to a restaurant would you order your noodles spiralized, or if you are more of a purist would you say, “I’ll have my noodles straight up?” Sorry but I am not ready to join the church of spiralizing yet.

I do like to eat healthy so when I saw this guy giving a demonstration of how to julienne a zucchini at an outdoor festival, I bought the little gismo he was selling. Now I was ready to dip my toe into this new religion of zoodles & squoodles. I julienned one zucchini and one squash with the new gadget. As you can see in the picture they looked great. I was very proud. Then I sautéed the noodles with a little oil, before topping them with a home-made pesto sauce. I will admit that the final dish tasted delicious. I hope my Italian friends don’t get mad at me. Please don’t hurt me! (Stay tuned for my pesto recipe & finished dish photo in my next post).

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9 thoughts on “Should I Convert?

  1. This all sounds like a Dr Seuss story in the making. I am a die hard pasta fan and quite against vegetables! (terrible person but growing my own is slowly converting me!) Not sure I am convinced even though serving oodles of zoodles and squabbles to the children sounds fun! Thank you for this idea and I shall work my way to this meal!!

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  2. Thank you for finding my blog and leading me to yours. I’ve spent some time browsing it and know I will read you regularly: your topics are interesting and your writing and photographs are skillful. Zoodles & Squoodles? I don’t know…but I’ll think about it. Janet

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  3. I cannot believe I haven’t heard of zoodles & squoodles until just now. Yes, I have enjoyed a spaghetti squash spaghetti substitute and I could tell the difference. I mean it was good and all but I much prefer pasta spaghetti, thank you very much. But now, this idea of using zucchini? Well that’s got me all kinds of excited! I haven’t met a zucchini dish I haven’t loved. I am gonna have to get me a spiralizer so I can get cookin’!

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