Tree Trimming Time

Sebastian and Bob
Sebastian and Bob

My mango trees have gotten too big for my small yard. It’s very difficult to reach the fruit on the tops of the trees and too many limbs are hanging over the pool, dropping more leaf debris in the water than my pool vacuum can handle. There are also limbs in the electrical wires. Since the fruiting season is over, it’s the perfect time to tame the trees’ exuberance. Arborist Bob Brennan and Master Arborist Sebastian Koerber came over this weekend to discuss the strategy of how to smartly bring down the canopy just enough to work toward the goal of making the trees produce fruit lower, but not cut too much that the trees give no mango next summer or they look ugly. It’s going to be a multi-year project since not more than a third of the tree canopy should be cut at a time.

I had my regular gardener trim the largest tree last year, but it really wasn’t done properly. I can still see some of the jagged, split limbs he cut from a year ago. So this time I’m bringing in the Big Guns to do the work. Certified arborists have to pass a comprehensive exam developed by some of the leading tree-care experts, work a minimum of 3 years full-time in the professional and continue their education to maintain their certification. The program is administered by the International Society of Arboriculture. Tomorrow is tree-trimming day; the Gunslingers are coming over!

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9 thoughts on “Tree Trimming Time

  1. I enjoyed this post. We use to live next to a huge Apple Orchard. Meaning on the far back side of our property and across a creek was a the section of the orchard. We were able to get all the apples we wanted. Among other things. To get to their door we had a 12 mile drive. When we planted our orchard, they were kind enough to show us everything we needed to do. Ours was a really small orchard. I remember listening to them at various stages of the growing period. I miss all of that. So thank you for the memories.

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  2. A friend of mine has parents that live in Miami. They’ve got the same problem with their mangoes. But when I visit? Suitcase full of mangoes! Good luck with the trimming, and fingers crossed your next crop will be an easy, lower, harvest. 🙂

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  3. Beatrice, Your adventures with pruning ring lovely c l a n g ing bells. Bobby pruned the grape vines in the ROMA Garden every November that I knew him (40 years), chilly,often drizzly Novembers, up on a ladder, etc. For the first time, we needed to find another person to be responsible for the first time. The tenant who uses that part of the property found a certified arborist and today everything looks healthy and green. Thought I would share this memory your piece sparked. Good luck with your Big Guns. Marcia

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