Taming the Beasts

Beginning first Climb
Beginning first Climb

Master Arborist Sebastian Koerber began taming my mango trees today. He cut off some of the larger branches primarily from the center and bought down the canopy a little. Then with gardener Andy, they trimmed some of the smaller limbs. This is the first pruning of a 3-year plan. Next year the canopy will be cut down lower and by the third year’s trimming the trees should be pruned down to the desired manageable size, just below the electrical wires. Hopefully the mango crop will not be affected too much. This is why the beasts are being subdued s-l-o-w-l-y.

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6 thoughts on “Taming the Beasts

  1. I’m enjoying following your mango pruning progress, while tidying up my balcony garden with scissors! You’ve reminded me that I must plan my visits to my ‘other garden’ this autumn to catch the right weeks for apple picking. Thanks for the regular glimpses of a very different garden.

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  2. Oh, a big operation was going on in your garden! Hope you don’t mind that I have nominated your blog for ‘Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award’. It would be great if you have time to answer to the questions I made. Thanks.

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  3. Very interesting. Brought memories surging back. Mangoes cling pretty tight. While serving in the Air Force I lived in Puerto Rico for three years. The local kids brought us grocery bags of fresh fruit on a regular basis. They used rocks to fetch the mangoes

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