The Gardener & the Green Smoothie

green (2)I really like sharing my fruit concoctions. If you visit me at my house, chances are you’ll be offered a glass of whatever smoothie I have in the fridge. I lovingly serve them to my friends, family, neighbors and the workers who come to my house. In a conversation with my mother one day, about my fruit trees and the occasional smoothies I give the gardener, she laughed and said “you don’t make that GREEN smoothie for him, do you!?”  What!? Is it against the 10 Commandments to give the gardener a green smoothie?

Today was the gardener’s day to do my yard and he was also going to plant a persimmon tree for me. I usually make a pitcher just for him and his assistant, with the fruits I have an abundance of, which are papaya and carambola. These are fruits they are familiar with and like. I decided that the tree-planting warranted a special smoothie:  a green one! I made my new favorite recipe of carambola, banana & kale. I did go easy on them and put less kale than I normally do.

You should have seen the look on their faces when I handed them each a large plastic cup of the green goodness. They were confused. Drinking something green was not an experience they had had before. They drank it because it was a very hot day, they were thirsty and perhaps a little polite. Turns out they don’t EAT much green food, much less DRINK it.

Commandment #11: Thou shall not give the gardener a green smoothie.

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