Clothes & Carambolas

clothes (2)I cleaned out my closet today to donate clothes to Lotus House…and I also picked a bunch of fruit from my Carambola trees to give them. Lotus House is a women’s shelter, dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women and their children. The clothes that are donated to the organization are either given to the women who live at the shelter or they are sold in their Lotus House Thrift Boutique, to help fund programs such as employment and life-skills counseling.

If you live in the Miami area, please stop by the store at 2040 NW 7th Ave. The ladies also operate a coffee bar there; and serve pastries, sandwiches and desserts.
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2 thoughts on “Clothes & Carambolas

  1. The compost class was full last Saturday, so I signed up for one at Pincrest Library on Oct 6th. I have been accepted for the Master Gardener Class beginning Sept 11th but have not decided to commit to the 130 hour program plus hours of home study. Beatriz, you are an inspiration!

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