Banana Flower

59 (2)The first bananas are growing on my Goldfinger Banana plant. This plant is approximately 12’ tall. When the high winds started in Miami due to a possible impending storm, I decided to cut the flower off so that the plant wouldn’t be so top heavy. Banana plants don’t do well in high winds; they tend to topple over. The flower weighed close to 3 pounds!

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8 thoughts on “Banana Flower

  1. Here in India (at least in the part where I live), we call this banana flower ‘mocha’… the ‘ch’ pronounced as in ‘chair’. My mother cooks it as a vegetable with potatoes and little amount of rice. It is one of my favourite dishes. How do you cook it up there?

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  2. How come the plant already has some fruits on top but it has a flower which seems like still a bud? I googled from my curiosity. So Banana has many flowers on a same stem and each flower has lots of pistils that would become fruits later?? Am I correct?

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