Flowers of the World

IMG_1491 (2)I love beautiful flowers and take lots of pictures of them while I am traveling in the U.S. and all over the world. They don’t grow abundantly in Miami. It’s just too hot in South Florida for a large variety of flowering plants. Here’s one from a recent trip in Maine. It was taken in Bar Harbor. Can anyone identify it?

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9 thoughts on “Flowers of the World

  1. If only I had read the previous comment! I have them growing throughout my 2 acres of garden and in fact have to manage them as they are quite rampant when left to their own devices. The leaves give it away. They are a beautiful and self sufficient plant. Mine are never watered, they are happy to grow almost anywhere but do like to be cut back before displaying their beauty once more.

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  2. I always assumed the Miami area would be teeming with wonderful exotic flowers as I toiled with flowers that struggle valiantly to bloom and flourish in a growing season that begins around Memorial Day and ends some cold day in October. I will say that they’ve done well this year; I’ve spent way more time in my yard enjoying them than usual. But it’s supposed to get down to 30 tonight; winter is breathing down the neck of Northwest Colorado.

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  3. It is a beautiful flower. Maybe someone from Maine will identify it. I am amused that a Floridian is going to Maine for a beautiful flower! Somewhere between Florida and Maine (North/South longitude, or is it latitude?) is Oklahoma. I’m afraid we would not be winners in a beautiful flower contest! However, we do have some common varieties which can be quite beautiful with proper care.

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