Kudos to Chef Allen

29 (2)Wow, what a fabulous meal we had last night at Chef Allen’s Farm-to-Table Dinner. This time I remembered to photograph each of the 5-courses before diving into them, thanks to my friends who kept reminding me every time a new dish was served! This was the second dinner event of the series I attended and it was completely different than the one I had enjoyed last Monday, and just as spectacular. The first appetizer we were served was Pan-Seared Fig with Garlic & Honey, on Wilted Spinach Crostini, with Indian Summer Melons. The pink sprouts on the top were a beautiful touch. This was followed by a Green Vegetable Nicoise: Haricot Verts, Cucumbers, Green Tomato and Frissee-Green Goddess. I particularly enjoyed the light cucumber-based dressing. The third course was an Oak Leaf Lettuce, Fennel & Rapini Salad, with Toasted Gremolata. This salad was very, very tasty.

Most of us were drinking wine with dinner: either a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend or a Chardonnay. The Cabernet blend was surprisingly light and it tasted good with all the vegetable dishes. One of my friends had the Chardonnay and was happy with that choice. The main course was Roasted Curry Carrots & Parsnips with Red Quinoa, served with Braised Leek Sauce. This was a nice combination of textures and tastes and was also topped with the beautiful pink sprouts. Lastly, came the dessert… which was out-of-this-world delicious. It was an Early Macintosh Apple Crumble with brown sugar Ginger Crust. It tasted like it just came out of the oven and wasn’t too sweet; so you could savor the subtle taste of the apples and delectable ginger crust.

We were sitting at little tables joined together in 2 long rows. The wait staff was attentive and friendly. Midway through the meal most everyone had made friends with at least the guests on either side of them; and by the time we had finished the dessert I heard many people talking about how they were going to come back for next Monday’s event. There is a different-themed vegetarian dinner every Monday at 6:30, accompanied by a farmers market, which starts at 4:00.  I’ll be back.

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