IMG_3344 (3)Washing the vegetables I received in my CSA today: baby carrots w/tops, Asian salad turnips, collard greens, fennel w/tops, lettuce, eggplant, cucumber, bell pepper, cubanelle pepper (sweet), cayenne pepper (hot) and dandelion greens. If you’re not familiar with CSA, it means Community Supported Agriculture. You subscribe to receive a share of the harvest of a local farm or various local farms during the growing season, which in South Florida is approximately 5 months. The food is delivered fresh, in season. Thanks to Bee Heaven Farm for a great box today that contained produce from Paradise Farms, Worden Farm and C&B Farms.

6 thoughts on “CSA

    • Great question! Plants grow all year long in South Florida, but EDIBLE plants are a different story. Most VEGETABLES are harvested in the cooler months of the year: November through March or April. The summer is simply too hot for most vegetables. FRUITS are harvested at different times of the year, depending on the fruit and variety.


      • Thanks for your reply. I’m used to thinking of cold or lack of water as limiting factors but not heat. Despite the lack of vegetables, it sounds as though you have a great selection of fruit available in the warmer months!

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