The inspiration to start this blog was “The 100-Day Project,” a challenge to make something every day, for 100 days straight. My first 100-day project was to write a story a day related to edible gardening. I wrote primarily about trees and plants in my garden and friend’s gardens; easy recipes using the edibles; and some of the people and things that are related to food gardening. I live in Miami, Florida, which has a tropical climate (zone 10) and fabulous tropical fruits. The focus was on small-scale, urban horticulture, including typical backyard gardens or patio/balcony gardening for people who live in apartments. Anybody can grow something, even if it’s a small plant in a pot on a windowsill. And certainly everybody enjoys eating what comes from gardens.

My second 100-day project was Sharpie drawings on mini canvases. And my third 100-day project was painting on canvas and and wood blocks. Please let me know what you think. The best place to follow what I’m doing is on Instagram. You can also checkout some of the products that use my paintings: https://society6.com/bportela

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  1. Hi Beatriz,

    Thanks very much for checking out isthisfood. I’m glad I’ve found your blog – beautiful pictures and considered writing. Over the past few months, I’ve been learning a little about the wildflowers of Britain (self-heal, yellow rattle, clovers etc.). It would be interesting to know which wildflowers grow in FL. Is this something you’ve explored?

    Hatti | isthisfood

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  2. I will not promise to join you in the 100 day challenge for now.. maybe next time 🙂 but I love plants and the natural benefits they give to man. I dream of having my own farm and living in the countryside and growing lots of trees and veges. I don’t live in the US but I will definitely follow you as you post daily 🙂 you encourage me 🙂

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